Book of Statements

Book Of Statements

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General Matters

Human Rights

Statement By AAPSO
On The Occasion Of The 50th Anniversary
Of The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights

* 10/12/1998

Fifty years have elapsed since the inception of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Although, this Declaration was the outcome of immense sacrifices paid by humanity for generations, although the Declarations had expressed aspirations and ambition yet it encountered unlimited violations and breaches perpetrated under the false and erroneous pretext of human rights and in the name of humankind.

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Women & Child

The Eighth Of March
International Day Of Women

* 8/3/2000

Today 8/3/2000 the world celebrates the international Day of Women. Every year it marks a new step as the women reviews what she had achieved and what she have to.

It is the day of mothers, wives , sisters and daughters. The day of women who forms half of the society.

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Economic Globalization

International Seminar
The World Trade Organization

* 18/7/2001

In response to the invitation of the Afro-Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Organization and the Arab African Research Center, the representatives of the African Peasants’ Union, the Arab Lawyers Union, the Third World Forum, the Arab African Research Center and the Afro-Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Organization held a meeting on July 15, 2001, in the office of the general Secretariat of the Afro-Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Organization.

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Nuclear Weapons

Nuclear Arms And The Israeli Knesset

* 1/1/2000

A number of Israel’s Knesset members, for the first time, requested the discussion of Israel’s nuclear capabilities. On this occasion, American and European Organizations also demanded that the Middle East should be free from nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction. The Solidarity Organization salutes the Knesset members who raised this issue as well as American and European Organizations who have strengthened this position.

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