The Afro-Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Organization And
The Sudanese Government's Request To Deliver Farouk
Abu Eissa And A Number Of Sudanese
National Leaderships

* 15/7/1998

AAPSO follows with great concern the measures taken by the Sudanese government to detain hundreds of partisan, unionist and activist leadership who defend human rights.

It is even more disturbing that the Sudanese government has requested the Egyptian government to deliver Farouk Abu Eissa, the Secretary-General of the Arab Lawyers Union and member of the AOHR executive committee, for unfounded allegations.

AAPSO condemns this attempt to manipulate Arab charters and conventions and calls upon the Sudanese government to release democracy in Sudan instead of deepening undemocratic methods and intensifying restrictions and pursuits that will adversely affect, which is the core issue.


* 23/8/1998

The Afro-Asian Peoples' Solidarity Organization (AAPSO)
Condemns The Aggression Against Sudan

AAPSO which has always firmly stood against all forms of terrorism and denounced all its motives, today adopts a firm stance against any country that takes international law in its own hands and acts as the world's policeman. This right cannot be granted to any country regardless of its might. There should be international organizations established by the peoples' will. Such organizations are represented by the UN Security Council and General Assembly and the sole international references mandated to deal with international issues.
AAPSO categorically condemns the strike against Sudan, the bombing of a factory that greatly contributes to the treatment of the Sudanese people and preservation of animal wealth in Sudan and the innocent victims that fell as a result of this aggression.
There is no pretext to validate such an act and all allegations made by the United States are unacceptable.
There are numerous international witnesses that refute US claims.
AAPSO denounces this aggression against an independent sovereign country, member of the UN, OAU and Arab League. In fact these regional frameworks could have been utilized to examine any issue with the Sudanese Government.
We demand an international investigation body to address this issue and that Sudan be materially compensated for all the harm wreaked by this aggression.
AAPSO reaffirms that the terrorism phenomenon is an international one and should be addressed by an international conference under the auspices of the UN to define the bases and principles for dealing with it. This does not exclude organized state terrorism against peoples struggling for independence as well as countries where terrorism thrives due to unjust procedures and practices. In fact, Israel which has usurped land, judaized Jerusalem, built settlements, killed innocent people, confiscated water, totally paralyzed life in the occupied Palestinian territories and defied the will of the international community is supported despite this injustice and aggression. These actions and such a course exacerbate international terrorism that should be firmly confronted by the international community.


* 27/10/1999

Unity And Stability Of The Sudanese People
Attempts are currently being deployed to resolve the critical problems in Sudan. These
are the Egyptian Libyan initiative and the solution proposed within the IGAD framework. Undoubtedly these positive efforts are being exerted to extend political assistance to the Sudanese people.
AAPSO deems that both initiatives will give hope to the Sudanese people to overcome these complex problems. In this regard, the major countries are required to support both initiatives and should not obstruct the African Arab attempts towards arriving at a solution that will achieve for the people democracy, pluralism, prosperity, progress, stability and unity in their homeland.
Moreover, AAPSO appeals to Arab and African governments and peoples to play their positive role in ending the Sudanese crisis.
Furthermore, the Organization rejects American intervention which only reflects the American viewpoint and American interests regardless of the interests of the disputing parties.