The withdrawal of US troops from Syria

In a sudden moment, Trump announced the beginning of the withdrawal of US troops from Syria claiming that US has defeated ISIS. The US president's decision has provoked an internal reaction in US, highlighted by US Defense Secretary James Matisse's resignation from his post.

AAPSO cautiously welcomes Trump’s decision and hopes this decision will help resolve the Syrian crisis politically, meanwhile AAPSO consider what happens as a new strategic era that triggered many questions about the suitability of the timing of the decision..

This sudden and rapid decision considers as a new phase with mysterious details that have not revealed yet. AAPSO follows closely how Washington will implement the decision of withdrawing its troops from Syria and the results of this withdrawal.

AAPSO confirms on its commitment to the sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of Syria in accordance with the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations, rejecting all attempts to create new reasons on the ground under the excuse of fighting terrorism and AAPSO also reject all separation agendas aimed at undermining Syria's sovereignty and its territorial integrity, as well as the national security of neighboring countries.
AAPSO beleive that there is no alternative to a political solution to the Syrian crisis and that international cooperation is needed to move the political process forward.