Inaugurating Congo Brazzaville Solidarity Committee

On December 7, 2018, under the presidency of Dr. Helmy El Hadidi-President of AAPSO and Minister Charles Nganfomo. Interior Minister for Decentralization and Local Development Affairs and Chairman of Congo Solidarity Committee. The committee of the Congo-Brazzaville was elected as one of the National Committees as it becomes a member International Committee in AAPSO.

AAPSO delegation was represented by Mr. Nouri Abdul Razzak, General Secretary of AAPSO, Ms. Christine Gamal, head of the International Section of AAPSO, as well as a delegation from the China-Africa council for Investment and Development. Mr. Yanik Dunkink, Ms. Jalila Al-Kasrawy, Dr. Sana , Mr. Mohamed Kasrawy and Mr. Mohamed Abo ella.

During the opening ceremony of Congo Committee, Dr. Helmy mentioned to the importance of solidarity among African peoples for global peace, especially in Africa and Asia, and for sustainable development as Peace and solidarity are pillars of sustainable development. He expressed his happiness with Congo Committee and AAPSO.
Mr. Charles Nganfouomo also expressed his warm welcome to Dr. Helmy and his accompanying delegation, and mentioned that the choice of AAPSO to Congo to represent it in the Central African region is an honor to Congo, and therefore Congo Committee in coordination with various administrative organs of the state seek to make the presence of Congo Committee viable.

The Coordinating Committee worked to ensure that the office of the Congolese Solidarity Committee was recognized by the Ministry of Interior and Decentralization. This official recognition was obtained and issued on October 4, 2018.
Minister Charles stressed that everything would be done to enable the activities of the Solidarity Organization in Congo to achieve its objectives.

The members of the Congolese Solidarity Committee are composed of the following members:
1. President: Mr. Charles Nganfouomo
2. Vice-President: Mr. Fathi Khalifi
3. Secretary-General: Mr. Gaspard Kimpala
4. Deputy Secretary-General: Ms. Veronique Kouta Makendzo
5. Screener Communications: Charlotte Obesse Akora
6. Treasurer: Mr. Brice Destin Okoko
7. Deputy Treasurer: Ms. Elisabeth Samba

On the following day, 8 December 2018, AAPSO delegation, members of the Congo Committee and members of the African, اChina and council for Investment and Development, met with Mr. Paul Abamba, President of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Congo.

Mr. Paul welcomed the visit of the members of AAPSO stressing his readiness to cooperate with AAPSO all in Congo and to provide all facilities for cooperation projects between the Congo Committee and the Chamber of Commerce.

During that meeting, Mr. Paul stressed that Congo is waiting for Egypt, during its presidency of the African Union, beginning in January 2019, to establish a common African market, the dream of the African continent.

On December 9, Dr. Helmy El Hadidi, has visited the headquarters Ministry of Social and Human Affairs, during his meeting with the ministry of social affairs her Excellency mentioned to the suffering of the Congo country from the problems of the damaged infrastructure in Congo due to the heavy rains there, the problems of homeless people and the health problems of the Congolese people. The role of the organization and its office in Congo to help fight poverty and unemployment, and to pursue the goals and principles of human rights.

The delegation visited the Egyptian Embassy and met Egyptian Ambassador Hatem Qandil. They discussed the problems Congo and its humanitarian needs and the investment opportunities, especially in the field of agriculture.

AAPSO expressed its appreciation to the Congolese Committee for Solidarity for hosting and taking over all travel expenses of AAPSO delegation.

AAPSO considers establishing Congo Committee, as a additional achievement to AAPSO movement in the African continent, for Peace, Social progress and Sustainable development.