Closing the Palestine Liberation Organization Office in Washington

Moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, trump administration suspended UNRWA funding and finally the closure of the office of the Palestine Liberation Organization in Washington DC, as a punishment for continuing to work with the International Criminal Court against Israeli war crimes... Calling as political blackmail against the Palestinian people, which would end the role of the US administration in the negotiations between Palestine and Israel?

The situation is further exacerbated by John Bolton's-national security adviser of the United States - threat to impose sanctions on the International Criminal Court judges, if they attempted to investigate U.S. Soldiers or Israeli leaders, which reveals the state of political bullying of trump administration, the state of madness and ignoring all state parties of the International Criminal Court to the Rome Statute.

Bolton's threat is a threat to the international justice facing crimes against humanity as a whole. The International Criminal Court (ICC) operates according to legal system has the Jurisdiction to prosecute for crimes against humanity, war crimes, crimes of aggression and all threats to world peace.

The US administration is targeting the International judicial system as a whole, establishing itself as a judge and protecting the perpetrators of international criminal crimes.

AAPSO condemns the actions taken by the Trump administration against the Palestinian people and demands the international community, all international legal institutions and all countries to quickly reject these threats and to punish those who attempt to undermine the status of the international criminal justice system and to prevent further crimes against the right of peoples, the protection of international peace and security and the guarantee of justice and stability.