Bandung Spirit-Genesis and Revitalization for 21st Century Invitation

Bandung Spirit-Genesis and Revitalization for 21st Century


Dear friends,

2005 is the 50th anniversary of the historic Bandung Conference held in 1955 in Indonesia. Non-aligned Movement was created to carry forward the principles and policies enunciated in Bandung which came to be known as "Bandung Spirit".

Although the world has completely changed during these fifty years, nevertheless what was stipulated at the "Bandung " still remain valid. With the disintegration of the Soviet Union and ending both the Cold War and bipolarity in international relations peace dividend for rapid economic development in the Afro-Asian- Latin America countries has not trickled down as pronounced by the developed countries.

Meantime the Non-Aligned Movement has weakened both as a result of the internecine conflicts in and within the countries of the movement and also the extensive interference by powerful countries in its internal affairs. After enormous set backs NAM countries have realized the historical importance of revitalizing the Bandung Spirit. It is in this context that the Asian-African Summit was convened in Jakarta on 22-23 April 2005 by the Bureau of the Non-Aligned Movement. AAPSO too was invited as an observer and a delegate from our organization participated. We have already circulated this report of our delegate among our national committees and friends and well wishers.

"Bandung" was commemorated in several countries and there was a great debate among scholars, historians and NGOs through the Internet. AAPSO too organized an international conference in Cairo in March 2005 which was well attended. Several national committees too had organized their own commemorative meeting.

Nevertheless, the "Bandung Spirit" is not only the concern of the states, the people have a great responsibility since it is they who will be affected by the ongoing problems of the world. What is necessary is strengthening the peoples' movement to take positive direction of NAM to reinforce the Bandung spirit in the environment of the 21st century.

Therefore AAPSO in coordination with the Philippine Peace and Solidarity Council has decided to convene an international conference in Manila under the above theme on 28th-29th November 2005. We hereby invite you to participate and contribute to this conference. AAPSO is not in a position to provide travelling for delegates. But internal hospitality including accommodation will be provided during the conference.

We propose the following sub-themes to be discussed:-
1) The historical importance of Bandung
2) The application of Bandung spirit to the contemporary challenges.
3) Bandung spirit and reguanation of NAM.
4) Bandung spirit to provide new dimensions to globalization.
5) The role of the Civil Society in mobilizing the people to face these challenges.

Dr. Morad Ghaleb,President
Nouri Abdul Razzak Hussain,Secretary-General

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