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Altrimsh massacre

AAPSO follows with deep concern the tragic situation that the Syrian people face of the violations against humanity and the brutal crimes against civilians, Altrimsh massacre was the latest that comes after several former massacres in Hula, Qanbeer and others. This massacre resulted in 300 dead and dozens were injured; mostly were women and children, in addition to the targeting of the massacre to the families of defectors of the army; as per the spokesman of the UN observers in Syria on the 15th of June 2012.

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Unesco And Education

UNESCO has five major themes to its programs which include

1) education,2) natural sciences, 3) social and human sciences ,4) culture ,and 5)communication and information.

UNISCO is also actively working to achieve the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals but it is focused on achieving the goals of significantly reducing extreme poverty in developing countries by 2015, developing a program for universal primary education in all countries by 2015, eliminating gender inequalities in primary and secondary education, promoting sustainable development and reducing the loss of environmental resources. The first of these is education and it has set various priorities for education that include , basic education for all with an emphasis on literacy, HIV/AIDS prevention and teacher training in sub-Saharan Africa, promoting quality education worldwide, as well as secondary education, technological education and higher education.

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Statement By AAPSO

Statement By AAPSO On The Occasion Of The 50th Anniversary Of The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights


* 10/12/1998

Fifty years have elapsed since the inception of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Although, this Declaration was the outcome of immense sacrifices paid by humanity for generations, although the Declarations had expressed aspirations and ambition yet it encountered unlimited violations and breaches perpetrated under the false and erroneous pretext of human rights and in the name of humankind.

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The Eighth Of March International Day Of Women

* 8/3/2000

Today 8/3/2000 the world celebrates the international Day of Women. Every year it marks a new step as the women reviews what she had achieved and what she have to.
It is the day of mothers, wives , sisters and daughters. The day of women who forms half of the society.
Nevertheless women still suffer in many places throughout the world. They suffer from sex discrimination from retarded mentalities remaining behind time and history, suffer from inferiority and persecution, suffer as citizens many steps below men. Women suffer from scarcity of education and care as well from the burden of more responsibilities and hardships. Women suffer, in spite of all their scarifies through ages to build and develop the societies , life and upbringing of generations. However women and those who support their right do not pause a moment from struggle, defending women and her rights. Because the normal society is the one when woman and man are equal.

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International Seminar The World Trade Organization

* 18/7/2001

In response to the invitation of the Afro-Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Organization and the Arab African Research Center, the representatives of the African Peasants’ Union, the Arab Lawyers Union, the Third World Forum, the Arab African Research Center and the Afro-Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Organization held a meeting on July 15, 2001, in the office of the general Secretariat of the Afro-Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Organization.

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