Issue No. 87

W.T.O Agreement on Agreement on Agriculture

Vandana Shiva *

W.T.O. Agreement On Agriculture*

             The Agreement on Agriculture should be called a Cargill Agreement. It was former Cargill Vice-President, Dan Amstutz, who drafted the original text of the Uruguay Round Agreement on Agriculture. Opening Southern markets and converting peasant agriculture to corporate agriculture is the primary aim of Cargill and hence the Agreement on Agriculture.

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Israel's Separation Wall: The Humanitarian Impact

Nabeel Kassis*

Israel's Separation Wall:

The Humanitarian Impact*


1. Israel's separation wall - a series of 8 meter high walls, barbed-wire fences, trenches, depth barriers and gates, presented by the Government of Israel(Gol) as a response to a security threat-is in fact an overt plan of expansion into and annexation of Palestinian territory.

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