43 Years since the departure of Abdel Nasser

Forty three years since the departure of
Abdel Nasser



PR. 21/Arab Sec/ 28-9-2004
Doc: 3/9/2004

28th September 2004 is a day which commemorates forty three years since the departure of the late President and Leader Gamal Abdel Nasser, President of Egypt and one of the leaders of Bandung, Non Aligned Movement and Arab and international liberation movement and who was one of the advocators for the establishment of the Afro Asian Peoples Solidarity Organization with Cairo as its headquarters.

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AAPSO On 50th Anniversary of Panch Sila

28th June 2004 marks the 50th Anniversary of "Panch Sila" - the agreement on five principles signed between H.E. Chou En Lai, the Prime Minister of People's Republic of China and H.E. Javaharlal Nehru, the Prime Minister of the Republic of India. This was a historic event which enunciated a new vision for inter-state relations among countries based on respect of Human Rights, Sovereignty and Territorial Integrity, Recognition of Equality, Abstention from interference in internal affairs and to respect each nation to defend singly or collectively. In fifty years World has seen many changes, yet this vision is still relevant specially at a juncture of turbulent World; to ensure peace, harmony, solidarity and cooperation above all human dignity.

The Panch Sila or the Five Principles became the basis for the convening of the Bandung Conference in 1955 which enlarged into "Dasa Sila or the Ten Principles" Afro-Asian Peoples Solidarity Organization regard this event as a great step and in commemorating "the Panch Sila Spirit" appeals to all nations to uphold this vision as a viable alternative for a great future for the community of nations.

Mourad Ghaleb Nouri Abdul Razzak Hussain
President Secretary-General

10 December: Human Right Day

In a world fraught with uncertainties in which the socio-economic conditions of the people mainly in developing countries continue to deteriorate. The economic and social disparities between and within countries are the consequences of the negative effects of globalization. As a result, this has led to damaging the question of human rights worldwide. Everyday, more cases of human rights violations are being committed in almost all countries of the planet. This is contrary to the expectation of the terms and spirit enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Right.

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Assassination of Abdel Aziz Al Rantisi

Doc: 3/4/2004

American Apache helicopters killed Palestinian militant Dr. Abdel Aziz Al Rantisi by striking his car with missiles. Killing Rantisi, killing Hamas movement in Gaza and killing Sheikh Ahmed Yassin within a short period after Sharon’s return from America but affirms that Israel lead by the murderer Sharon persists on aborting all peaceful means for settling the Palestinian issue. Moreover, it reconfirms that the Bush administration supports this course, abandoning international legitimacy and all moral and human values and condones Israel terrorism giving the green light to kill Palestinian leaderships and justifies this as self-defense. Thus America is a full partner in this terrible crime. Shimon Perez openly reveals his true self on behalf of the Israeli left saying that whosoever was involved in killings should pay the price. As if he was not himself the killer of Qana and killer of women and children.

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AAPSO hails India-Pakistan Thaw

P.R: 1/Asian Sec/11-1-2004

The three day Summit of the SAARC held in Islamabad, the Capital of Pakistan ended in a great success. This in the first time that SAARC Summit was able to deliberate in an atmosphere of cordiality and steer a course of action plan for South Asia comprising Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. To begin with they agreed for a free trade area to commence from 2006.

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