Kathmandu Declaration 2015

International Conference Organized by AAPSO Nepal
Vision of Bandung after 60 Years: Facing New Challenges
Kathmandu, Nepal
April 18-20, 2015

Kathmandu Declaration 2015

The delegates and observers participating in the international conference organized by AAPSO, Nepal in Kathmandu on 18-19 April, 2015, to mark the 60th anniversary of Bandung conference with the theme "Vision of Bandung After 60 years: Facing New Challenges" pledge to carry forward the Bandung spirit against imperialism, colonialism, neocolonialism, racial discrimination, and economic expansionism to build the Afro-Asian region as a region of peace, stability, democracy, human rights, security, justice, equality, development and to get rid of war and military bases, occupation, terrorism, religious fundamentalism and weapons of mass destruction of all kinds.

This international conference of Afro- Asian People's Solidarity Organization (AAPSO) draws urgent attention of people to:

- Make 21st century as a century of Asia and Africa; bringing all Asian and African countries closer for the cause of peace, stability and development in the region and leading the world economy, reviving the silk route and the 21st century maritime silk route, developing Trans-Himalayan corridor to link the two largest markets of the world, China and India.

- Raise voice against external interferences and internal conflict stirred by fundamentalist and extremist elements in West Asia, North Africa and South Asia.

- Repatriation of all refugees and dismantling of refugee camps from Nepal and giving all options of repatriation and resettlements in third countries.

- Establish that the best way to fight against terrorism is to promote democracy, rule of law, eliminate the poverty, foster the pace of development in the world and seek non-military solutions.

- Strongly supports and respect the peaceful co-existence between the religions and faiths of the people; and if there are any problems to resolve them through dialogue, patience, tolerance and mutual respects.

- Reaffirms the "Panchsheel" as the five principles of peaceful coexistence which reflects the vision of Bandung spirit, the foundation of AAPSO, NAM and South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC).

- Address the contemporary issues like spreading diseases, water crises and food crises that threatening around the world.

- Supports the Palestinian people in their just and legitimate struggle for an independent state and strongly support the Palestinian people struggle for obtaining their independence and establishing the Palestinian state on borders before 1967 and its capital East Jerusalem so that permanent peace, stability, socio-economic development and co-existence of the state can be achieved in the West Asia Region.

- Greets the Egyptian people's revolutions in January 2011 and June 2013, that revolted against authoritarian and religious fundamentalism.

- Welcomes the process for the normalization of the USA and Cuba relationship to promote peace and economic co-operation in the region.

- Welcomes the meetings organized by different nations in different times are positive actions to settle the disputes and promote understanding and peace.

- Emphasizes on the need to establish and implement policies for sustainable development in order to eradicate social and economic backwardness, preserve and protect the eco-system for the safe and more prosperous future through South-South and North-South co-operation. Supports the people's war against violence and terrorism and settlement of disputes in a peaceful way.

- Supports the Bangladeshi people in their just struggle against religious fundamentalism.

- Supports the peoples of Asia and Africa in their just struggle to maintain their independence and freedom and oppose any kind intervention.

Global Warming is another burning issue. In order to stabilize the climate, there has to be an urgent reduction in the greenhouse gases and ozone depleting chemicals etc. The present conference realizes the need to address this concern because of the threat due to human induced climate change, pollution, bringing adverse effect on people, communities and ecosystems. For example, snow melting in the lofty mountains bring flood, erosion as natural hazards as well as disappearance of some island states in Afro-Asian region.

Moreover, this international conference expresses concern to environmental degradation and draws serious attention to its adverse impact on the Himalayas. Likewise, the upward climbing of malaria from the plain to the hill areas too needs to be addressed with regional global assistance to mitigate these problems.

This international conference expresses its concern to the growing military buildup in different continents. The expansion of NATO eastward is a cold war mindset, contrary to peace diplomacy. Also, the conference welcomes all the efforts being made in different parts of the world to settle disputers peacefully and calls upon all the people across the world, from the land of Buddha, to join forces for a new world based upon freedom, justice, compassion, equality and peace.

Kathmandu declaration expresses its respect and appreciation to the Tunisia experience in its democratic transition that established a new democratic constitution, and organized fair elections, despite the threat of Terrorism.

The conference expresses its concerns about the growing tensions that result in terrorism attacks in the African coast and Sahara. The conference extends greetings to reasonable and peaceful Morocco, initiative aiming at solving one of the regional conflicts, proposing self-governance to manage affairs of Moroccan SAHARA.

Conference supports the launching of the very realistic programme on education to bring all the out of school children in formal education stream of these two regions. We support the education to be a fundamental right.

Conference strongly supports the wishes of the people of Pakistan for continuation and consolidation of democratic governance and for the fight now being waged against religious terrorists who are responsible for the murder of over 60,000 innocent men, women and children.

Conference expresses its sincere thanks to the AAPSO Nepal, Government of Nepal, the people of Nepal for holding the 60th Bandung conference successfully and taking excellent care of all the delegations.