AAPSO's Paper In Jordan

International Forum on Security and Non Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons
Jordan – Amman
13-14 November 2013

                                                                           By Christine Gamal
                                                                                International Section

First I would like to express respect and appreciation to the organizing committee of the Arab Forum on Security and Nuclear non proliferation.

Afro Asian People's Solidarity Organization – AAPSO's priority in its agenda the importance of the central role of the Non Proliferation Treaty - NPT, which is one of the foundations of the collective security system.

This can not be substituted element with any other for international peacekeeping and security, especially in the light of the current risks of different nuclear use, which is represented in the danger of nuclear terrorism, and the issue of the security of mass destruction weapons. 

The security of Weapons of Mass Destruction WMD gained special importance after the Arab Spring 2011, the collapse of the security apparatus in some Arab Countries which increase fears from spreading the nuclear weapons materials. 

AAPSO Persistently  confirms in its activities and statements regarding the NPT file on the importance of : nuclear disarmament  , nuclear non proliferation , encouraging and promoting the peaceful use of nuclear  in many fields such as medical , agriculture , nutrition , water resources , radioisotopes  needed to treat cancerous tumors and others .

We as a non governmental international organization call through this forum to enhance the role of the International Atomic Energy Agency - IAEA in verification the compliance of the  nuclear states with their obligations in the field of nuclear disarmament , also we pursue to reach a significant progress in achieving the universality of the NPT especially in the middle east  by the accession of Israel to the NPT as a non nuclear state , something that will encourage the non nuclear states to accept additional obligations aiming to enhance the system of the NPT regionally and internationally .

Unfortunately, the conference of 2012 was postponed despite of the acceptance of all the regional states except Israel.

Based on our faith and adherence to the project of establishing middle east a free zone of nuclear weapons and all mass destruction weapones, we call from this platform the necessity of holding an international conference for this project, adherent to the decision of the NPT conference 2010, which resulted in the decision" to hold an international conference in 2012 to establish middle east a zone free of weapons of mass destruction ".

The failure to convene the 2012 conference was a setback towards the effort of the lasting peace in the Middle East.
Establishing middle east free zone not only guarantee the stability in the region , but also find the appropriate entrance of suitable solutions to end the Arab Israeli conflict  , in addition this postponing will harm the next NPT conference expected to be in 2015 , and meanwhile will undermine the credibility of the NPT .

The frequently appearance of using chemical weapons , increase the necessity of the project of middle east free zone of all weapons of mass destruction .

In this regard , we must mention to the Egyptian initiative which submitted to the United Nations Secretary General in its general assembly 68 by the its foreign minister , on the middle east free zone of all weapons of mass destruction .

This initiative included letters pointed to all middles east countries  all the permanent states in the security council , to deposit formal letters to the united nations secretary  general  supporting establishing middle east free zone from all weapons of mass destruction : nuclear , chemical , biological.   

As well as deposited letters in the Security Council from the unsigned regional countries in any of the international conventions on weapons of mass destruction before the end of the commitment this year to join the relevant treaties simultaneously.

These letters call on the U N Secretary General to coordinate take these steps simultaneously, in addition to continuing international efforts to ensure the speed of convening the conference of 2012 which aims to free the Middle East of nuclear weapons and all weapons of mass destruction.

We appeal to the international community with the following:
• to use pressure on Israel to join NPT
• to establish a dialogue between all the countries in the region, bringing peace and stability in the Middle East on a permanent basis;
•    comply with the obligations of nuclear non-proliferation, which was signed by all States parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons;

• put an end to the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and their means of delivery in the region; especially after the growing challenge of nuclear terrorism

• the accession of all countries of the multilateral means which are necessary  in particular the Treaty of the Non Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test, the Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material, the International Convention for the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism, the Chemical Weapons Convention, and the Biological Weapons Convention,
• Adoption of all States that have committed to this comprehensive safeguards and put all nuclear buildings in the area under the safeguards of the International Atomic Energy Agency;
• the adoption and implementation of all regional countries in the region of the Additional Protocol of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
• the disposal of the existing stocks of the chemical and biological weapons, and the deployed  ballistic program 
• strengthen national actions to control exporting goods and technologies that could be used in the development of weapons of mass destruction and their delivery means 
• to prevent terrorists from acquiring weapons of mass destruction and their delivery means, as well as the materials and components that go into explosive devices; especially after the outbreak of the Arab Spring
• Identify and secure all hazardous radioactive sources in the region;
• the commitment of all regional countries to the principles of the eight Group countries adopted in Kananaskis - Canada , aimed at preventing terrorists - or their supporters - to acquire or manufacture of nuclear weapons , chemical , radiological and biological weapons and missiles , as well as materials, equipment and related technologies.

Afro Asian People's Solidarity Organization – AAPSO believes and assures on the necessity to complete the process of our joint work in order to accomplish the decision of the 2010 conference " convening an international conference for the establishment of a middle east zone free of nuclear weapons and all weapons of mass destruction " , as well as working to achieve more positive decisions for the benefit of the peoples of the region and the whole world through the next NPT  review conference expected in 2015.

Thanks for your kind attentions