Conspiracy of Silence


Peoples have become an open arena for big powers particularly Americans, to perpetrate all forms of lethal experiments; killings based on treason and torture. This power gives itself the right to exploit the peoples of the world as well as its own people in its experiments. It resorted to lies and falsehood to cover up its crimes and exaggerated its deceit by raising noble slogans and crowned itself as their protector: human rights, democracy, transparency, international legitimacy and protection of the environmental a time when it has violated all these principles, laws and regulations with unprecedented ferociousness.

The Afro Asian Peoples Solidarity Organization held an international conference on Culture in the 21st century, Renewal perspectives and deterioration possibilities in Cairo from 6 to 7 November 2000. Mrs. Joan Stark Casey. presented a very important paper entitled 1 A victim of radiation: the 21st century as a century of peace, free from nuclear radiation. This paper exposed a terrible tragedy, namely the victims of nuclear experiments in the US itself, experiments that pollute the environment. that destroy life, secret and covert experiments that are revealed only when there is excessive disease caused by radiation pollution.

June Stark Casey talks about herself as " a victim adversely affected by human radiation experiments conducted at Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Washington State (USA) in 1949" she add, "It was on Mothers day of 1986 that I was among 270,000 Washington State "Downwind residents who were exposed continually and secretly to 1.1 million curies of radioactive iodine131" the secret experiment of human radiation.

Almost simultaneously, in Manchester in the UK another conference was held from 4 to 5 November 2000 entitled 1 the International conference against depleted uranium weapons. Dr Hassan Abdel Razzak sent a report to AAPSO on this conference explaining the use of depleted uranium in various fields. For it is considered nuclear waste resulting from nuclear industry. Its danger lies in its accumulation inside the human body. It is used in manufacturing ammunition, Cruise missiles and cluster bombs and its results either end in death or fatal disease. These have been utilized in the Gulf war as well as in the Falklands by the British navy, by NATO in Serbia. by the Israeli army in Lebanon in 1982 and American bases in Japan.

We stand before a terrible crime against humanity. In fact, AAPSO recognizes the importance of publishing these two papers together in a booklet as its contribution to the struggle of mankind against the violation of human life, destruction of the environment, premeditated killing by means prohibited by all laws, regulations and traditions. Furthermore, AAPSO intended to reveal the true picture of those who allege to defend humanity and are but the Source of its misery.