Mr Nouri Abdul Razzak Hussain
General Secretary, AAPSO

Dear Nouri

It is with deep regret that we learnt of the sad demise of Dr Morad Ghaleb. In his lifetime of 85 years, he has served his country well and led the AAPSO for nearly ten years as President. Those of us who came into his contact cannot ever forget his humility and modesty, his sense of purpose and resolve to champion a cause. In his death we have best a born leader and a generous soul. At this moment of grief we stand by the Permanent Secretariat, offer our heartfelt condolences to his near and dear ones, and pay sincere homage to his memory.

With kind regards

Yours sincerely,

President, Bangladesh AAPSO
Syedur Rahman
General Secretary, Bangladesh AAPSO



Date: 19th December 2007
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Message of Condolence To,
Comrade Nouri Abdul Razzak Hussain
General Secretary
Permanent Secretariat

Dear Comrade,

With great sorrow and grief we have received the news of the passing away of Comrade Dr. Morad Ghaleb, the President of the AAPSO Permanent Secretariat.

On behalf of the National Committee of the Bangladesh AAPSO, we convey our heartfelt condolence to the grief struck family members and friends of departed comrade Dr. Morad Ghaleb.
The National Committee of Bangladesh AAPSO stands besides you in sympathy at the hour of your grief and sorrow.
We remember with great admiration the outstanding contribution of Comrade Dr. Morad Ghaleb in strengthening the solidarity movement globally, his significant role in advancing the struggle against imperialism and communalism worldwide.

We believe that you will succeed in overcoming the great loss created as a result of the passing away of Comrade Dr. Morad Ghaleb and will move forward will steadfastness and courage towards the goals for which departed Comrade Dr. Morad Ghaleb had dedicated himself.

With best regards

Hasan Tarique Chowdhury
Bangladesh AAPSO



Dear Comrades,

We are very shocked to learn the sudden demise of Dr. Morad Ghaleb, the President of AAPSO, prominent leader of Egypt and well known leader of the peace and solidarity movement world over. It is a great loss for the anti-imperialist solidarity movement and particularly for AAPSO.
The All India Committee of AIPSO deeply mourns the sad demise of Dr. Morad Ghaleb and conveys heart-felt condolences to the AAPSO permanent secretariat and his bereaved family.

Pallab Sengupta




AAPSO Permanent Secretariat
Dear President Dr. Morad Ghaleb,
The information of your passing away reached me just while I had been much expecting that I could have a chance to see you at the Cairo meeting commemorating the 50th Anniversary of AAPSO, and that there I might be able to hear from you of the times of establishing AAPSO, the start of the
Non-Aligned Movement, and of the development of the situations after that. Now I am drawn in a grave surprise and deep feeling of sorrow. It is too much to regret.

Respected President,

Allow me to express to you my utmost praise with my respect from the bottom
of my heart for your activity until now filled with great patriotism and
Wish to rest in calmness,

Toshio Akiniwa
Representing Japan Asia Africa Latin America Solidarity Committee




To the members of the AAPSO Permanent Secretariat
Shocked to learn of the passing away of Dr. Morad Ghaleb, the president of the AAPSO, I wish, on behalf of the entire members of the Korean Committee for Afro-Asian Solidarity and in my own name, to express deep condolence to you and, through you, to the family of the deceased and the members of the Permanent Secretariat.
Dr. Morad Ghaleb greatly contributed to the consolidation and the development of the Afro-Asian people،اs movements, and the movements for the independence, peace and social economic progress.
Although Dr Morad Ghaleb passed away, his achievements will remain in the history of the AAPSO for a long time.
Once again let me express my deep condolence.

Kim Byong Pal
Chairman, Korean Committee for Afro-Asian Solidarity




Secretaire Général de l'OSPAA
Chargé des fonctions de président

Cher camarade,

Veuillez recevoir et transmettre à la famille de notre illustre président Dr Morad Ghaleb, ainsi qu'à toutes les instances et les comités nationaux de l'OPSAA notre profonde douleur pour la perte de cette grande personnalité qui a joué un role inégal , dans des differentes conditions, y compris les plus difficiles , pour preserver l'unité , et assurer la continuité de la lutte que mène notre organisation .

Quoique notre président ne pourra pas participer à la commémoration de notre 50ème anniversaire , nous sommes sûrs que celle-ci sera aussi une occasion pour faire l'éloge de sa lutte et de ses rares qualités personnelles et morales .

Secretaire du Comité libanais



M Nouri Abdul Razzak Hussen
Secrétaire Général

C'est avec une profonde tristesse que nous avons appris la disparition du Docteur Morad Ghaleb, président de l'OSPAA.

Le regretté Dr Ghaleb fut une grande figure du Mouvement de solidarité afro-asiatique outre son cursus remarquable dans la sphère diploatique de son pays.

Nous n'oublions pas qu'il a consacré près d'une décennie de sa vie active au service des nobles objectifs de l'OSPAA.

Au secrétariat permanent de l'OSPAA, à sa famille et à ses proches, nous adressons nos sincères condoléances et les assurons de notre sympathie en cette épreuve qui les frappe.




To: Secretary General
Subject: Condolence

Dear friends,
We express our deep grief and sympathy at the sudden demise of our honorable dear President Dr. Morad Ghaleb.

The emergency meeting presided by Chairman Honorable K. P Sharma Oli has eulogized Dr. Ghaleb as a famous diplomat and a paramount figure in AAPSO movement. The meeting has expressed deep condolence over his demise.
Dr. Ghaleb will always be alive in hearts and memories of peace loving people.

Sincerely yours

Gopal Pokharel Biwash
Secretary General




The Permanent Secretariat
Afro-Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Organization (AAPSO)
89 Abdel Aziz Al-Saoud Street
Manial El-Roda
El Malek El Saleh
Arab Republic of Egypt

Dear Comrade :

The Philippine Peace and Solidarity Council (PPSC) is shocked to learn of the sudden demise of the esteemed President of AAPSO, Dr. Morad Ghaleb.

The PPSC joins the AAPSO Permanent Secretariat and all AAPSO National Committees in mourning the passing away of Dr. Morad Ghaleb.

We will always remember Dr. Morad Ghaleb for his anti-imperialist and anti-zionist struggles as a close confidant of President Gamal Abdel Nasser ; for his defense of the freedom, territorial integrity and independent development of Egypt and of the Arab world ; and for his contributions to the strengthening of the Afro-Asian solidarity movement.

His vast wealth of experience, his towering intellectual prestige, and his noble but humble personal qualities, are a great loss to AAPSO, to Egypt, and to the international anti-imperialist solidarity movement.

In this painful hour of grief for all of us, please extend our sincere condolences to the family and colleagues of Dr. Morad Ghaleb.

Fraternally yours,

National Secretary National Chairman




Mr. Nouri Abdel Razzak, secretary General of AAPSO

With deepest sorrow we took the news that Mourad Ghaleb, a remarkable son of Egypt, an co-worker of Gamal Abdel Nasser, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador of ARE to the USSR, President of AAPSO has left this world and is no longer with us.

There has gone a noticeable and talented politician who is known by the world community and will be remembered.

There has gone a Man with a capital letter, a man of authority and elegance, an active participant of many internationally sound events in Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America.

There has gone a big friend of the Soviet Union, the Russian Federation, and the People of Russia, who gave so much energy to the strengthening of friendship between Egypt and Russia.

We express deepest compassion to the relatives and friends of the deceased.

The memory of Mourad Ghaleb will live in the deeds bf AAPSO and our hearts.

With deepest sorrow, a co-worker of Mourad Ghaleb I am

Mikhail Margelov




For the kind attention of Mr. Nouri Abdul Razzak/Mr. E. A. Vidvasekera_
Dear Nouri/Vidya,

It was with deep sorrow that I learnt the demise of our revered leader of our movement - AAPSO - DR. Morad Ghaleb a towering figure both in this country and for our movement. His passing away is indeed a great loss.

I am rather relieved to note that in terms of the Constitution of AAPSO, Nouri Abdul Razzak would be acting as the president while holding the substantive position as the Secretary-General.
Whilst expressing our sorrow over the death of Dr. Morad Ghaleb, let me take this opportunity to wish you, Nouri a long, happy and a healthy life to lead our movement with greater vigour and vibrance.




To AAPSO Permanent Secretariat,

I am deeply shocked at the sad news about the demise of the late Dr. Morad Ghaleb, a pioneer of the Afro-Asian peoples’ solidarity movement and close friend of the Vietnamese people.

I wish to convey my heartfelt condolences to the AAPSO Permanent Secretariat and the bereaved family.

I wish also to express my support for Mr. Nouri Abdul Razzak in the discharge of his new obligations as entrusted him by the AAPSO constitution.

Nguyen Thi Binh,
Vice-President of AAPSO



Bagnolet (France), December 18th, 2007
To Dr Nouri Abdul Razzak Hussainand to all AAPSO members and friends,
Having known the sad news of the death of President Dr. Mourad Ghaleb, I am anxious to present my condolences and those of AFASPA to his family, to AAPSO and to the Egyptian People and to express them our indestructible solidarity.

president of AFASPA



Dear Nori Abdulrazak

We are saddened by the death of AAPSO President Dr. Morad Ghaleb, who rendered his life for the Afro Asian people and their struggle. Bahraini people will never forget AApso secretariat under his leadership in supporting its cause at the hardest times.
Please convey our deep condolenses to his family, to AAPSO secretariat and to the AAPSO national organizations. I will be in Cairo 28-31 Dec and look to see you
May God guard him

Abdulnabi Alekry,
Bahrain AAPSO group




Chères er Chers Camarades,
C'est avec un profonde douleur que nous avons appris le décès du Dr Morad Ghaleb, notre Président!
Militant il l'a été jusuq'au bout. Au vue de son parcours exceptionnel, pour moi, le Dr. Morad est un grand militant et défenseur des opprimés et des droits de l'homme.
Que son parcours nous édifie et que sa disparition renforce l'engagement de tous les membres de l'aapso.
Je joins ma voie à celle de tous membres de la section béninoise de l'aapso pour présenter nos sincères condoléances à toute la communauté d'aapso et ainsi qu' toute sa famille !
Dr. Morad! Va et que le terre te soit légère
Communauté de prières!

Anani Eugène Kiti
Responsable de la section beninoise de l'aaps



Dear Brother Nouri Abdulrazak Hussein,
I have received with great sadness the news of the death of Dr Morad Ghaleb, a diplomat, activist and a great fighter for freedom and peace. I have known Dr Ghaleb for several years and I found him to be a true Egyptian and Arab patriot, a fervent Pan-Africanist and a great internationalist. The legacy he leaves behind to us all is to continue struggling for the attainment of the ideals that led to the founding of APSO which he so ably led for several years. Please convey my condolences to his family, colleagues at the AAPSO headquaters and the international AAPSO fraternity. I know this is a big loss to you personally, but that is the way all of us will follow.
Kulu Nafsin Dhaikatul Maut. Inna Lilahi Waina Ilayhi Rajiun.

Best wishes,

Prof Haroub Othman




Rangsdorf, December 19th 2007
To Nouri Abdel Razzak,
to all members of the Permanent Secretariat,
to all members and friends of AAPSO

hearing about the sad news of the death of our President Dr. Morad Ghaleb I am anxious to present my deep condolences to all of you and to the Egyptian People who lost a national and international well-known personality. Please convey my condolences to his family too.
Never I will forget what he has done for all the Afro-Asian people struggling for peace and social progress.

Achim Reichardt
Former Secretary General of the Solidarity Committee
of the German Democratic Republic




Dear Nouri, dear friends
I was greatly saddened to learn about the death of the President of AAPSO Dr. Mourad Ghaleb.
The demise of Dr. Mourad Ghaleb who made great contributions to peace and understanding between the peoples is a big loss not only for the solidarity movement in the Arab World, Africa and Asia. He was a good and wise leader of AAPSO who will always be remembered. I am personally loosing someone I considered a fatherly friend.
Allow me to offer my heartfelt condolences and to extend my sincere sympathies to you, the Permanent Secretariat of AAPSO and to the family of Dr. Mourad Ghaleb.
My thoughts are with you at this time.

Thomas Schubert
Ex-Member of AAPSO Permanent Secretariat