Conferences and Meetings

Conferences and Meetings

Resolution on solidarity with Palestine 8th Congress of AAPSO 14-16 December 2008 Hyderabad, India

Resolution on solidarity with Palestine

60 years of suffering and injustice of the Palestinian people have passed already with numerous resolutions of the United Nations (Security Council and General Assembly) in favour of the right of the Palestinians to their own independent and sovereign State, as agreed in the framework of the UN when the state of Israel was founded in 1948.

Since then the Palestinian people faced the consequences of the old colonial rule, the geostrategical games of the imperialists in the region and the brutal occupation regime of Israel continuing till today, with the expansion of Israeli settlements, the Apartheid Wall in the West Bank and the ongoing siege in the Gaza strip designed to divide geographically and politically the Palestinian territories.

The "international community" manipulated by the big media, serving imperialist goals, is cut off from the reality of daily suffering of the Palestinian families. The US administration supports Israel and covers up all its crimes against the Palestinian people. The European Union does not exercise any pressure on the aggressors.

We reaffirm our support and solidarity with the people of Palestine under the leadership of the leader of PLO and call upon all parts in the internal conflict to show spirit of unity and reconciliation.

The delegates of the 8th AAPSO Congress, in a special session on Palestine support the resistance of the Palestinian people against occupation and declare that the only just and viable solution for the conflict is the establishment of an independent Palestinian State within the boundaries of 1967, with East Jerusalem as its capital based on the Resolution of the UN General Assembly 194 and in line with the related UN Security Council resolutions.
We further demand :

• To end Israeli aggressions and stop the inhuman siege of the Gaza Strip
• The dismantling of the Israeli settlements and walls in the West Bank
• The release of all political prisoners from Israeli jails
• The right for the return of the Palestinian refugees to their land
• The withdraw of all occupation troops including the ones from the Golan Heights of Syria and the Shebaa farms of Lebanon

We call upon the peoples and nations to continue and increase efforts so that 60 years of aspirations and struggle of the Palestinian people will be come true.
Down with the Israeli aggression and occupation!
Down with Imperialism!
Long live the brave Palestinian people and their liberation struggle!