Conferences and Meetings

Conferences and Meetings

Press Release Symposium on "The Reasons and repercussions of Iran Nuclear Crises" March 14, 2006



In following up all current world events, Afro-Asian Peoples' Solidarity Organization (AAPSO) held a symposium on Iran's Nuclear File and the future scenarios of the situation. The symposium was attended by experts and concerned individuals to discuss the current Iranian situation, conventions on Non- proliferation of nuclear weapons, nuclear terrorism and the future impact on the Middle East. Furthermore, the symposium tackled the status of Iran neighboring countries, shedding the light on referring the nuclear issue to the Security Council as well as the Iranian view and potential reaction to the situation   


Baring in mind the fact that Iran signed the Treaty on the  Non- proliferation of nuclear weapons  and the annexed protocol, the participants described the current situation as if Iran insists to prove her goodwill by the enrichment of Uranium for peaceful means. Meanwhile, the United States of America is actually afraid of Iran's actions due to Iran's unprecedented power and influence in the region from her west boundary lines to the north of Israel. Such power and influence are the reasons why other Countries involved in the world order with deep-rooted relations with the one pole envy Iran for having such power and influence. Meanwhile, such countries fear the fact that Iran might posses the nuclear technology required for the production of nuclear weapons. If USA succeeds to prevent Iran from possessing the nuclear technologies, it can prevent other countries as well. This is considered a clear violation of the Non- proliferation Treaty.  

The international society  can gradually impose commercial, smart or financial sanctions to pave the way for dragging Iran to the Security Council and perhaps launch a military attack against her later on.

There are four scenarios for the military attack : it can be a limited impact military attack, or an Israeli bombing of the nuclear foundations, or destroying the nuclear program through US military attacks, or finally by toppling the current Iranian regime.

As for the potential Iranian reaction, Iran can use her best cards for exerting pressure as being the second biggest oil exporter in OPEC and the second natural gas reserve in the world. Iran can paralyze navigation in the strait of Hormuz and the transfer of oil in the Caspian sea as well. Hence, Iran can inflect damage to the world oil market.

The symposium also tackled the results of each and every scenario and the impact of the current crises on the  region.

The symposium concluded by  AAPSO's announcement about the seminar to be held next month on "The Reflections of NATO Partnerships on the Mediterranean regional security