Conferences and Meetings

Conferences and Meetings

Press Release World Peace Forum 23-28 June 2006 Vancouver, Canada.




Afro-Asian Peoples' Solidarity Organization (AAPSO) has participated at the World Peace Forum in Vancouver, Canada from 23-28 June 2006 with the two member delegation led by secretary-general of AAPSO Nouri Abdul Razzak Hussain and joined secretary of International section Hamsa Abd El- Hamid.

The World Peace Forum was an international gathering of individuals, groups and civic governments from cities and communities to envision a living culture of peace and sustainability in our life time.

Thousands of participants gathered mainly from Canada and the United States. In addition representatives from Latin America, Europe, Asian, African and Middle Eastern countries joined them in this massive peace gathering in Vancouver, Canada from 23-28 June 2006 to express their united desire for Peace and against War. It was an opportunity to strengthen the peace movement by mobilizing all segments of citizens to develop effective models to reduce violence and encourage peaceful means to end conflicts and maintain sustainability in our communities.

The participants deliberated during the five days of the forum under one main theme that is "Cities and Communities: Working together to End War, and Build a Peaceful, Just and Sustainable World: A Journey to Peace". The workshops and seminars dealt with diverse subjects related to the economy, social justice, peace, environment and culture of peace.

AAPSO delegation had participated in a number of events about preventing big power conflict in Asia, the future of the US power in the Middle East, The occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, the Iranian nuclear issue, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and others. In addition, the delegation exchanged ideas with other peace and non-governmental organizations in finding ways and means to deal with the new challenges that face the peace movement especially for the South countries.

The participants of the World Peace Forum comprising the organizations such as the Global Campaign for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons, the conference of mayors and city councilors world over, and others joined in unity to call for the withdrawal of foreign troops from Iraq and Afghanistan and removal of foreign military bases. They reiterated their appeal for a negotiated settlement of Israeli- Palestinian conflicts, reduction of military spending and to uphold the principles of human rights. They stressed the necessity to strengthen the role of United Nations and to declare a decade for disarmament.