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Conferences and Meetings

The Occupied Arab Territories

The Occupied Arab Territories
Prepared by: Hamsa Abd El- Hamid Genedy
Since the Palestinian catastrophe of 1948, the Palestinian conflict has occupied great concern on the part of human rights issues as well as it is a pivotal problem for all Arabs.

Today, the world follows the crimes perpetrated by the Zionist entity against the Palestinian people and their institutions and its persistence to violate international and humanitarian law.

Israel is the sole country in the world that has not determined its boundaries and will not do so until it realizes its dream, that is to establish an Israeli state that extends from the Nile to the Euphrates. Hence, it strives to destroy the Palestinian authority’s institutions, isolating Palestinians within their territories, exercising the harshest means of repression to evict Palestinians, and eliminate their militants. In fact, it obstructs the work of ambulances and doctors and hinders the arrival of the injured to hospitals that lack basic medical needs.

Since Sharon’s provocative visit to Al Aqsa mosque – first of the two Qiblas and third of the two Harams – which sparked the second Intifada, Israel has and continues to mount a systematic genocide campaign against the Palestinian people by means of daily massacres witnessed by the world at large. No one can forget the Jenin massacre and others in the past such as Sabra and Shatila, and Qana.

Israel persists on breaching international legitimacy and disregards humanitarian society as well as UN resolutions 181, 194, 242, 338, and 425.

AAPSO cautions the world that its concern with the Iraqi-American conflict should not be at the expense of the Palestinian issue. It is an opportunity for Sharon and his henchmen to carry out their schemes for terminating the Palestinian Intifada and build more Zionist settlements as well as demolish the Palestinian authority’s infrastructure. Moreover, AAPSO warns of suspicious projects that aim at deviating attention, by procrastination and delays and reaffirms that all relevant international legitimacy resolutions must be implemented.

AAPSO demands that the High Commission for Human Rights adopt the following:

  1.  To adhere promptly to the provisions of the 4th Geneva Convention on civilians in times of war in order to provide protection to the Palestinian people.

   2. To reconfirm the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination.

   3. To underline that the process of bringing Sharon and Israeli officials to trial as war criminals should be continued.

   4. To dispatch international forces immediately to the occupied Arab territories to disengage Palestinians and Israelis.

   5. To pressure Israel to totally withdraw from all the occupied Arab territories and to dismantle the settlements.

   6. To pressure Israel to respect international legitimacy or else it will be subjected to sanctions as a racist state and will be deprived from international fora similar to the apartheid system in South Africa.

   7. To eliminate all weapons of mass destruction in Israel.

   8. To pressure Israel into implementing all international agreements concerning rights of prisoners.

Finally, we convey this message to you and anticipate your decisive role that reflects international popular will.

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