Conferences and Meetings

Conferences and Meetings

Speech by E.A. Vidyasekera at the International

Speech by E.A. Vidyasekera at the International Conference on "Re-unification of Korea" held from 9th to 16th August 2005 in Pyongyang, the Capital of Democratic Peoples' Republic of Korea

Comrade Chairperson
Distinguished Guests
Friends and Comrades",

It is a great pleasure for me to represent the Afro-Asian Peoples' Solidarity Organization at this very important conference.

In the contemporary world politics, Korean peninsula has drawn the attention of the whole world. This indicates the importance of the role played by the So-called Korean crisis in the security paradigm of East-Asia. Even after the end of the cold war the US imperialist intrigues the region with the aim of strartgulating the DPRK.

DPRK is a sovereign country and a member of the United Nations. Yet the United States is not prepared to accept this truth and still creating obstacles to the recognition of DPRK on the So-called Nuclear issue. The resumption of six party talks in Beijing is welcome by all peace loving people in the world who expect that an honorable agreement is reached regarding the whole gamut of denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. AAPSO welcome the announcement made by DPRK that it wanted to work towards a nuclear free Korean peninsula.

The US if it is really interested in reaching an agreement in the six-party talk, should refrain from using invectives and slanderous language against sovereign nations. The chief US envoy to the six-party talk -- Christopher Hill made a positive remark when he said "We view the DPRK's sovereignty as a matter of fact and prepared to speak with the DPRK bilaterally in the context of these talks". Further he said "All the parties have made clear we are prepared to address the DPRK's energy needs". These are positive words but need to be translated into practice.

The issue of the Korean peninsula has blown out of proportion owing to the external

interference by powerful countries whose only motive is to deny the peaceful re-unification of the divided county. AAPSO strongly support the efforts of the Korean people for their re-unification. Left to themselves without foreign interference, we are sure tat the people of Korea will bring about re-unification as a free nation to develop their own economy, political institutions and culture.

Despite imperialist machinations, Korean people are not alone in their struggle. They

have the unflinching support of the entire peace loving people of the world.

Korean people have immensely suffered in the past both by Japanese imperialism and later by foreign imposed wars. The country remains divided for over five decades. The time has

come to end this division which is legacy of imperialism and hegemony. The only aspiration of the people on both sides of the divided line is unity. Korean people are one. This international conference reiterates the aspiration of the Korean people for a re-unified, free and democratic Korea.

 Thank you.