Anniversary Of The Kana Massacre Anniversary Of Crime And Shame

* 19/4/1998

Two years have elapsed since the Kana massacre was perpetrated by the Israeli occupation forces in Lebanon on 18/4/1996 in which more than 100 victims were martyred and hundreds of innocent children and women were wounded in a refuge close to the UN Emergency Forces. This massacre constitutes a mark of disgrace in the history of the Israeli state where these massacres abound since Deir Yassin which was perpetrated 50 years ago followed by Kafr Kassem, Kabeya, Gaza, Bahr Al Bakar, Sabra and Shatila, the massacre in the Ibrahimi mosque and others in Al Quds Al Sharif.

Any observer can count all year round the anniversary of crimes and massacres committed by Israel against innocent Arabs, a matter that asserts that it is a state established by systematic violence and terror. Israel continues its aggression on a daily basis against Lebanon villages and territories by destroying homes, burning farms, harassing fishermen, abducting inhabitants, throwing thousands of Lebanese and Palestinian detains in prisons where the worst forms of torture are practised as legitimized by the Israeli Superior Court. Thus Israel is the sole country in the world that carries this shame.
At present, Israel in launching a massive Campaign of confusion and deception against UN Security Council resolution 425 on the unconditional withdrawal from the Lebanese territories, with a view to poison the failing peace initiatives and atmosphere exacerbated by legitimacy resolutions and international law.
AAPSO, in commemoration of the heinous Kana massacre declares its solidarity with and total support of the militant Lebanese peoples in their struggle, against the Israeli occupation forces, to drive them out and liberate South Lebanon from this hateful occupation. Moreover, AAPSO pray for all the martyrs of Lebanon particularly Kana on this occasion and strongly condemns the Israeli terroristic policy and all those who support and shield it.

* 17/11/1998

Israel Steals Agricultural Soil From Land In Occupied
South Lebanon

Israel admitted that a group of Israeli contractors stole fertile agricultural soil from an area of 750sq.k.m. in occupied South Lebanon. It is unbelievable that the Israeli government claims that it was surprised and was not aware of this matter while it has its security and military grip over land and people in the territories it occupies in Soutn Lebanon. Undoubtedly the legal, material and ethical responsibility fall upon Israel whose armed forces always protected the implements that executed this shameful act.
Modern history has never recorded a country as such that has committed numerous violations of international law and the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 and which continues to disregard UN and Security Council resolutions.
The criminal act that has acutely destroyed the environment in the region as well as its long term adverse financial implications adds to Israel’s violations in South Lebanon. For Israel continued its aggression and its daily air strikes and heavy gunfire targeting civilians and their property, destroying crops and material reserves that have existed in peace since the dawn of history.
AAPSO condemns this immoral act which is far from moral and civilized values and demands the punishment of the perpetrators and the compensation of Lebanon materially and morally.
In this respect, AAPSO declares its full support of the people and government of Lebanon in the face of these aggressions and demands the unconditional withdrawal of Israeli forces from South Lebanon.

* 2/3/1999

Lebanese Resistance In Front Of Israeli Gangster

Netenyahu announced that Israel will follow a more forceful policy, through continuing in making attacks against the Resistance without putting any restrictions on Israeli army. Actually, Israel now is launching Air, Land and Sea Raids on the South, threatening to hit Lebanon at any spot. It demands Lebanon to eliminate Hezb Allah Fighters from the South.
The occupation, usurper Israel, instead of committing to international legitimacy and evacuation of Lebanese territory, it continues in an infinite impudence hits Lebanese lands and demands Lebanese government to be in its service, playing the policeman role in place of Israel so as to eliminate the Southern from the South.
Hezb Allah Group is the Lebanese liberation vioce which struggles for ending Israeli occupation. It has all national and international legitimacy. There is no force on earth that venture to object the right of liberal national forces to liberate their nation, except colonialism forces which materialized in Lebanon in the New Nazism Zionism.
Israel has no right to warn or alarm Lebanese Government or People. Israel and the traitorous army that works in its service, have to leave Lebanese Territory, as it groans now from the legal painful resistance hits.
The American comment comes as a conclusion of a truce for these criminal aggressions, equalised between aggression and the side which suffers aggression. Here, America forgets all its allegations about international legitimacy and human rights.
AAPSO supports strongly Lebanese people and Hezb Allah, the resistance group.
It denounces the criminal barbaric attack made by Israeli Nazi Zionism, requesting implementation of United Nations resolutions concerning immediate clearance from Lebanon.

* 27/6/1999

The Savage Israeli Aggression Against Beirut

Israel launched criminal aggressive attacks against Beirut and intentionally destroyed vital civilian installations such as electric power stations and bridges, aiming at the destruction of the infrastructure, bombarding civilians and killing 8 and injuring 62 persons, in breach of the April commitment that prohibits attacks against civilians.
The USA tends to blame Hezbullah allegedly for having started by launching katiousha missiles at northern Israel, and as if resistance against the occupier was a crime that should be punished by more killing, destruction and with total impunity.
The Israeli occupation of Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian territories is a major crime and a contradiction of all international legitimacy resolutions and is the core of this violent tension that prevails in the region and is fueled by Israel and protected by the USA.
In fact, Israel acts against all U.N. resolutions and undermines the credibility of the U.N. Therefore, the U.N. should defend its resolutions and its international status before the rising Nazi Zionist trend in the Middle East.
AAPSO denounces these savage Israeli acts and demands Arab and International support from all governmental and non-governmental organizations in order to force Israel to adhere to international legitimacy and resolutions by withdrawing immediately from all the Arab territories occupied in 1967 and to comply with resolutions 242,338 and 425.
Without such action, tension and instability will continue to reign in the region.

* 2/2/2000

Israeli Nazism

Israel has launched barbaric and indiscriminate strikes against villages, and cities in northern and southern Lebanon. Scores of inhabitants were martyred and injured including children killed in bed. The strikes also targeted the infrastructure and vital civil installations, foremost power and hydraulic plants which culminated in severe damages and power cuts in homes, hospitals and housing districts.
This new aggression truly exposes the mentality of Israel’s leaders, a destructive Nazi mentality that completely disregards basic international laws and customs, it is a racist colonialist mentality that rejects international legitimacy and resolutions. Israel condemns Austria for the arrival of the right wing to power whose actions we have not yet witnessed. This is outright Nazism which is manifested by the occupation of other peoples territories, violation of their sovereignty, aggression and killing. Israel’s acts indicate that it can not exist in peace in the Middle East.
The militant Lebanese resistance exercise their legitimate right to resist the occupier who refuses to withdraw according to UN resolution, No.425 in particular that stipulates Israel’s unconditional withdrawal. The Lebanese resistance focuses its struggle against the occupying military forces. On the other hand, Israel aims its strikes on unarmed civilizations.
AAPSO strongly denounces this barbaric aggression and declares its total support for the Lebanese people and government and reiterates the Lebanese resistance’s legitimate right to resist occupation by all ways and means. Moreover, AAPSO calls upon the United Nations to intervene immediately in terms of the implementation of its resolutions related to the occupied Arab territories. It also urges the international community and Afro-Asian Solidarity Committees and freedom loving forces worldwide to condemn the Israeli aggression against Lebanon and to extend all forms of assistance and support to the heroic Lebanese people.

* 7/5/2000

A New Criminal Aggression By Israel Against Lebanon

Israel launched a new aggression against Lebanon aimed at civilian targets and reached the infrastructure and roads in more than one location, a matter that constitutes a form of collective punishment against the Lebanese people. This aggression caused power cuts in more than one third of Lebanon and affected hospitals, water stations, sanitation and life in general.
Israel planned this aggression when it attacked Kotrena and Giyush villages which culminated in the martyrdom of a number of women and children. This was justified by Israel as human error by one of its pilots. When the resistance struck back the Israeli reaction came as a message to the UN envoy who was in Lebanon at the time and to the Arab nation as well as the stumbling peace process.
AAPSO strongly condemns the Israeli aggression and deems that the perpetrators are fully responsible. Moreover, it demands compensation to Lebanon for all the national and moral losses incurred by this infamous aggression.
AAPSO believes that Israel would not have repeated its aggression against Lebanon and the Palestinian people had it not been for unlimited American political, material, and military support. The airplanes that strike Lebanon and their ammunition are manufactured in the US. Even the latter has increased its military and strategic agreements with Israel despite its aggression against Arab countries and disregard of the peace process. America’s unlimited support was manifested when it backed Israel in the conference on the non - proliferation of nuclear weapons held in the USA, and its insistence that Israel should not be mentioned by name being the only country in the Middle East that has not signed the treaty.
The USA is practising a double standards policy in the Middle East, one that encourages aggression and protects the aggressor.
AAPSO declares its total support of the heroic Lebanese people in their legitimate struggle to liberate their land from Israeli occupation and hails its militant resistance and its heroic martyrs.

* 25/5/2000

25 May - Lebanese Liberation Day

Finally, the heroic Lebanese people’s struggle has been crowned with success. Israel withdrew its forces hurriedly without specifying any date. The national liberation struggle waged by Lebanese resistance particularly Hesbollah drained its might and inflicted intensive wounds upon its morale, in fact, Israel’s soldiers ran away terrified killing each other and Lahad’s client army was dispersed.
This wonderful experience in Arab liberation struggle is an Arab experience whose laurels Lebanon has awarded to honourable Arabs, to all enemies of Zionism.
It was indeed a great experience defeating “the invincible army”. For it was defeated and its members ran with fear. All were reaching for a way out while those who survived congratulated each other.
International legitimacy will be realized by the power of the Lebanese people and despite those whose aim is to violate international legitimacy, and who wish to impose the Zionist scheme that has the sole right to exist.
AAPSO which has always supported the Lebanese people, expresses its profound joy on the occasion of this glorious victory and congratulates the Lebanese people and its government. Moreover, AAPSO congratulates the heroic resistance in the South on the occasion of the withdrawal of the last Israeli soldier from Lebanese territories. AAPSO demands the full implementation of resolutions, 424, 426, the return of Shaba’a farms and release of all Lebanese political detainees in Israeli prisons.
Long live 25 May, the Lebanese Liberation day.

* 25/5/2000

The Permanent Secretariat of the Organization Congratulates:
H.E.President Emil Lahoud

President of Lebanon
On behalf of the Permanent Secretariat of the Afro-Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Organization, we wish to express to Your Excellency and to the heroic Lebanese people and their militant resistance, our profound congratulations for the withdrawal of the Israeli occupation forces from the sacred Lebanese soil. we hope that Israel has learnt this lesson, that occupation can never be permanent. Moreover Israel must pull back its forces from all the occupied Arab territories since 1967 and release all Lebanese and Arab prisoners of freedom from Israeli jails.
Allow us to reiterate our sincerest congratulations to your Excellency and to the Lebanese people.
Nouri Abdul Razzak Dr.Mourad Ghaleb Secretary-General President

* 25/5/2000

Excellency Selim El Hoss
The Prime Minister of Lebanon

On behalf of the Permanent Secretariat of the Afro-Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Organization, we wish to express to Your Excellency and to the heroic Lebanese People and their militant resistance, our profound congratulations for the withdrawal of the Israeli occupation forces from the sacred Lebanese soil. 25th May 2000 has become a day of glory in Lebanese history, a day of honour, liberation and Israel must implement and adhere to resolutions 425 and 426, return Shaba’a farms and release all Lebanese and Arab prisoners of freedom from Israeli jails.
Allow us to reiterate our sincerest congratulations to Your Excellency and to the Lebanese People.
Nouri Abdul Razzak Dr.Mourad Ghaleb
Secretary-General President

* 27/2/2002

A Meeting With Solidarity Movement In Lebanon

Mr. Nouri Abdul Razzak Secretary-General of AAPSO has paid a visit to Beirut/Lebanon in Feb. 27/2002 for the purpose of organizing meeting with Lebanese solidarity movement and politicians figures. These meeting are supposed to pave the way to an enlarged one with AAPSO’s delegation to discuss current Arab situations and the Palestinian issue on the top of the agenda.