Declaration AAPSO Endorses Al-Ibrahami Initiative "In Support of the Palestinian People"

The Afro-Asian Peoples' Solidarity Organization declares its support for the initiative launched by the veteran politician and former Algerian Foreign Minister, Al-Akhdar Al-Ibrahimi. It is an international initiative to support the Palestinian people in recovering and defending their rights.

This initiative includes supporting the right of Palestinians to use all legitimate forms and methods in resisting persecution and racial discrimination and the right of Palestinian people to use all legitimate methods in their struggle against the ongoing Israeli policy of seizing their lands and preventing them from exercising their national and civil rights. In the initiative, he focused on addressing the plan of new Palestinian territory annexation to Israel.
The text of the initiative states that, "the process of stripping the Palestinian people of their rights reached a turning point when Israel moved recently to annex new Palestinian lands, based on the Trump-Netanyahu plan known as the (Deal of the Century). The features of this plan in the Zionist vision, which aimed at controlling the entire land of Palestine, go back to Theodor Herzl. It is an American-Israeli plan that defies the principles of self-determination based on justice. It also reflects the complete American bias in support of the extreme expansionist goals of Israel, in a blatant violation of the international norms and decades of UN resolutions."
AAPSO has always been standing and still stands in solidarity with Palestine and supports the right of Palestinians to use all legitimate forms and methods in resisting persecution and racial discrimination, the right to self-determination, to establish a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders and the return of the refugees, including their right to fight for boycott, divestment and imposition of sanctions on Israel, especially after the process of stripping the Palestinian people of their land and rights has reached a turning point in the history of Palestine issue.
AAPSO always hails what the initiative referred to, as it indicated that the Palestinian people all over the world, within Palestine and in the diaspora, has unite today, despite the existing political differences between their leaders, to face this plan and the plans of Israeli occupation forces that continue to abuse the rights of Palestinian people, as there is no substitute for the unity of Palestinian people with all its parties.

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