The Afro-Asian People's Organization celebrates on 25 May each year on the occasion of Africa Day, which marks the anniversary of the founding of the African Unity Organization on 25 May 1963, which later became the African Union on 26 May 2001.

That Organization arose to meet the challenges that Africa was facing at that time, including the liberation of the whole continent from the remnants of colonialism and racism, and then the challenges that had hampered peace, security and development in Africa. Today in 2017, we celebrate the Day of Africa, Africa and the Arab World, which face many challenges, foremost of which is terrorism and extremist ideology, the weakness of development, the bloody conflict and the aspiration of its peoples for stability, security and development. The right of the Palestinian people to regain their rights and to establish their homeland remains one of the issues in which the Arab and African conscience meet in order to establish a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital.

The 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda seeks its 17 goals and the 2063 Africa Development Agenda to achieve development in its various social, economic and environmental dimensions to achieve stability, development and rooting out poverty that feeds terrorism and extremism. Hence, it is important to develop the joint African-Arab development plan to meet this common security, economic and social challenges facing the Arab and African worlds, which are in fact a geographical and historical extension.

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